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About Parallel

Parallel is S1D2's award-winning non-competitive performance company. S1D2 students volunteer and devote their time to rehearse and perform within the community, New York City and at various dance conventions. Students audition in late spring to become a member or an apprentice within the company.

Step 1 Dance 2 Academy's amazingly talented performance company has won numerous awards such as Creative Choreography from Artist Simply Human (ASH) and Broadway Dance Centers, Artist in Motion (AIM), on scholarship with a two-time Technical Excellence Award and Creative Choreography Award from the past three years.

We strive for these young dancers to understand, master, and be challenged through the art of dance in a nurturing and positive atmosphere. Our goal is for them to become young professional dancers and or enjoy this passionate art form while performing within the company. We believe in finding ones inner fire and positively pushing those limits endlessly.

You can follow them on Instagram at @parallelperformance.

Artists Simply Human (ASH) Nationals 2019

Congratulations to our Parallel, Paradigm, and S1D2 Dancers on an incredible, unforgettable, FUN, and invigorating week at Artists Simply Human NATIONALS in Orlando, Florida.

Our dancers danced Monday thru Saturday vigorously and came home Winners of 1st Place Group Awards, 2nd Place Awards for Solo’s and Duo’s, and our graduated Senior and now Alumni Cameryn Kelly, was awarded to be a Member of The ASH Company to tour with them in their 2019/2020 Season!

Our dancers were on FIRE, they worked extremely hard several long hours of the day, and are coming home more professional, more experienced and award winners on every level. We are ready to grow more on our performance and confidence abilities to take on this art form! These S1D2 Dancers are TRUE ARTISTS THRU AND THRU!

Thank you to everyone who supported, fundraised, donated and helped with every effort to help these truly fantastic kids have a chance to help their dance abilities grow and flourish. We are utterly grateful beyond belief to have such a great community to help us get there and make these dreams a reality!

We are already in the works gearing up already for our Next Dance Season and are eager and excited to completely BRING IT!!!

Thank you families for your continued support, love and believing in these dancers. The support means more to them than you know!

Shine your light,


ASH 2019 Philadelphia

Artists Simply Human 2019 (Philadelphia)

CONGRATULATIONS to our Parallel and Paradigm Performance Companies on their Special Awards and Scholarships awarded at Artist Simply Human (ASH) on January 23, 2019 in Philadelphia. Read more... 

AIM 2019


Parallel and Paradigm performed with Broadway Dance Center dancers through their Artists in Motion Invitiational showcase. Read more...

2019-2020 Parallel Performance Company

Bryce Sale
(Company Captain)

Bryce's Bio

My name is Bryce Sale. I am a straight A student in 11th grade. I have been with Step 1 Dance 2 since they opened. The styles I take are Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap, Contemporary, Jazz, Partnering, and Break. I am a co-captain for Parallel Performance Company. I enjoy dancing, art, and music production. Some fun facts about me are that I was the very first student to enroll at the studio, and I have a bleeding disorder called Von Willebrand which means my blood doesn’t clot.

Abigail Scaggs
(Company Captain)

Abby's Bio

My name is Abby! I am one of the Co-Captains on Parallel Performance Co! I have danced with S1D2 for almost six years, and I’ve been on Parallel for four years! Dancing with this studio and being on this team has by far been the most amazing times and experiences of my life thus far. Being at the studio with my friends and my awesome instructors has made me so happy and made me who I am today. I plan to pursue dance after I graduate from high school as I have enjoyed it so much and it has not only taught me discipline but also professionalism and most important friendship! I am excited for this year for Parallel It’s going to be great!

Delayne Hemingway
(Company Co-Captain)

Delayne's Bio

Hi, my name is Delayne aka Dwayne. I am 14 years old and I have just started my first year of high school. This is also going to be my 8th year dancing at the studio. Some things I enjoy are watching Netflix, and spending time with my family. Dance has taught me many things over these last 7 years, and one of those things is to just be yourself. Overall, just have fun and dance your heart out.

Tia Hydock
(Company Co-Captain)

Tia's Bio

Hello there! My name is Tia. I’m 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. When I’m not dancing, I enjoy watching anime and listening to KPop. An interesting fact about me is that I have five different colors of contacts (including yellow!) because I like to switch my eye color depending on how I’m feeling. I love dance because there are so many different styles to choose from, but I love hip hop the best. I’ve been dancing for 11 years, but started at S1D2 a year after it opened, and this will be my third year dancing with Parallel. For this upcoming year, I’m excited to get to know everyone more and the choreography. I love S1D2 because everyone is treated like family. Everyone there is so kind and welcoming, and I’m glad it’s my second home.

Emma Trump

Emma's Bio

Hi my name is Emma Trump aka Polly Pocket to my dance friends! I am 16 years old and a junior in high school and have been dancing for 13 years. This is my sixth year at Step 1 Dance 2 and I have been with company since the beginning, but I can’t wait for the growth this new season has to bring. Being at S1D2 has taught me so much about believing in and expressing myself and has brought out a lot of self confidence in me. Not to mention all the wonderful people and friendships dance has brought into my life. My peers and instructors here at the studio always brighten my day and it truly feels like a family. I hope to incorporate dance into my life in some way after high school as I can’t imagine letting it go completely. Dance is a great outlet for me to relax, be in the moment and shut everything else out for awhile. I am so excited to experience this dance year along with all the other company members!

Zoe Katz

Zoe's Bio

Hello! My name is Zoë Katz, I’m a freshman in high school, and I am a Parallel Performance Company member. I am so excited for what the 2018-2019 season will bring for the company, and how many amazing experiences we will go through together! I have been dancing for 10 years and have been one of the original students with Step 1 Dance 2 studio since it’s opening in 2011. I have been a part of Parallel Performance Co. for three years now and I absolutely love it!  The thing I love most about dance is that nobody can judge you, and you can be yourself and share those experiences with the most amazing people. I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by the most supportive, loving, and wonderful people in the world on this team. Since joining the studio, I have grown more and more confident every year I have been with the company, and have been able to call it my home, and the dancer and teachers my family. I have always appreciated dance as an art itself, that can bring so many people together, just like the dancers of Parallel Performance Co. and Step 1 Dance 2. We will always be able to come together, to tell a story, and to love each other through dance.

Summer Salos

Summer's Bio

Hi! my name is Summer Salos. I am 14 years old and in my freshmen year of high school. I have been dancing for 12 years, but this will be my first year at S1D2 and on the Parallel Performance Co. I do all styles of dance like jazz, contemporary, acro, ballet, and tap, but I don’t have a favorite style of dance because each style lets me show a different side of my personality. I would love in the future to major in dance at college to become a professional dancer or a studio owner and dance teacher. So I am very excited to make new friendships and get introduced to new experiences with everyone at S1D2!

Madison Getek

Madi's Bio

Hi, my name is Madi Getek. I’ve been dancing at Step 1 Dance 2 Academy for about 5 or 6 years. The first thing I took at the studio was actually a double private with my friend. I instantly fell in love with dance and especially the amazing studio. I felt so safe, comfortable and welcomed. Although I wasn’t good at dance then, I still had so much fun and wanted dance to become a hobby of mine, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do, and I love it to this day and forever. I then started to take other classes and styles, and I found out contemporary was my favorite style. I also love improving and I love the way it makes you feel like free and artistic. I love all styles of dance as well. This is my third year of being with Parallel, but my fourth time auditioning for it. This is my first year of being a protege, I love it . Having that job  is very fun and also a  big task and responsibility too. That’s my dance experience!!! 🙂

Hannah Getek

Hannah's Bio

I am 13 year’s old and in the 7th grade.  My favorite hobbies are to dance and spend time with my friends.  The reasons I love to dance is because it is so much fun.  It makes me feel happy when I dance.  I love to learn all the new dance moves and new dances.

I started dancing at S1D2 2 years ago and this is my first year on Parallel.  The first year I took Acro and Ballet.  The second year I took Acro, Ballet, and Contemporary.  This year I am taking 5 classes;  Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap, and Pre-Pointe and am excited to be on Parallel.

I am so excited about another year of dancing.  It is also a great opportunity for me being a Parallel member and to grow as a dancer at S1D2.  It is also going to be fun with everybody together.

I love Step 1 Dance 2 because the dancers are so nice to everybody.  All the dance instructors and Parallel members are so sweet to each other.  The dancing and what they teach us is so good.  My goals are to get in higher level dance classes next year.

My interesting fact is: I did not like dance when I was younger but now I love it!

Kaleigh Hart

Kaleigh's Bio

Bio coming soon...

Ava Wolski
(Apprentice Plus)

Ava's Bio

Bio coming soon...

Ellie Bazzell
(Apprentice Plus)

Ellie's Bio

Bio coming soon

Shelby Collier

Shelby's Bio

Bio coming soon...

Sydnee Carr

Sydnee's Bio

Bio coming soon...

Parallel Alumni

Cameryn Kelly

Cameryn Kelly (2019)


Maisie Daniels (2018)


Alex Heyn (2018)


Jessi Mortillaro (2018)


Nikki Blades (2017)

Check out our Parallel Alumni page to see how some of our S1D2 Alumni, former S1D2 students, are pursuing Dance in college and as a career.

Performance Videos

"Under His Eye" - Choreographed by Jessica Gallew & Ashley Lowman (Season 4)

"Never Say Never" - Choreographed by Bri Mercado (Season 4)

"Bruised" - Choreographed by Hannah Frederick (Season 4)

"Swim Low" - Choreographed by Cat Cogliandro (Season 3)

"Glorious" - Choreographed by Jessica Gallew & Ashley Lowman (Season 3)

"Escape" - Choreographed by Trevor Sones (Season 3)

"Undertow" - Choreographed by Michael Susten (Season 2)

"Right Now" - Choreographed by Skooj CorE-O (Season 2)

Behind the Scenes (Season 2)

"Not With Haste" - Choreographed by Ashley Lowman (Season 1)