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Parallel is S1D2’s award-winning non-competitive performance company, under the direction of Jessica Gallew and Ashley Lowman. S1D2 students devote their time to rehearse and perform within the community, in New York City, and at various dance conventions. Students audition to become a member or an apprentice within the company.

Step 1 Dance 2 Academy’s amazingly talented performance company has won numerous awards such as Creative Choreography, STUDIO OF THE WEEKEND, student scholarships, STUDIO SELECTION, Standout Performances from Artist Simply Human (ASH) and Broadway Dance Centers, Artist in Motion (AIM), on scholarship with a two-time Technical Excellence Award and Creative Choreography Award from the past three years.

We strive for these young dancers to understand, master, and be challenged through the art of dance in a nurturing and positive atmosphere. Our goal is for them to become young professional dancers and/or enjoy this passionate art form while performing within the company. We believe in finding ones inner fire and positively pushing those limits endlessly. We are a FAMILY!

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Parallel Alumni

Check out our Parallel Alumni and see how some of them are pursuing Dance in college and as a career.

“The moment of in between why you once were, and who you are becoming now, is where the dance of life truly takes place.”

Tia Hydock


What is Tia up to?

After graduating high school, I’m going to study at the College of Makeup Art & Design in Toronto, Canada. Once I’ve finished attending, my plan is to come back to the states and find a job as a makeup artist. I’m going to miss the connection I’ve had with seeing everyone almost every day.

Abby Scaggs


Abby Scaggs


What is Abby up to?

I’m Abby! I was a previous Co-Captain for Parallel Performance Co, and most recently the Captain, and now an alumni! I was a protege for four years and a Teacher Trainer for three! I have danced with S1D2 for eight years, and I was on Parallel for six years! Dancing with this studio and being on the company has given me some of the best experiences of my life. My friends and the instructors have made me who I am today. I plan to pursue dance after I graduate. I will be earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance at the University of the Arts in  Philadelphia. I plan to train as much as I can and audition for companies in the city, and then make my way to New York to continue my training. While at the university, I would like to study abroad in Israel to take classes and learn from various dance cultures. My time at the studio has taught me discipline, professionalism, and most importantly, authenticity. This has been a challenging year, but there’s nothing this studio can’t face…I am very excited for this season. It’s going to be great!

Bryce Sale


Emma Trump


Emma Trump


What is Emma up to?

Hi, I’m Emma aka Polly to everyone at the studio! I was just recently a member of Parallel Performance Company, former Captain/Rehearsal Assistant for Paradigm Performance Company, and now an official alumni member! It is crazy how time just flies by but I have absolutely loved every moment of dancing here at S1D2 from the past seven years as well as being on company for the past five years. I also was a protégé for three years and a Shop 1 Dance 2 Boutique employee for two years! Being apart of this studio and on company has brought me so many amazing memories and wonderful people into my life who inspire everyday to just be who I am. They have continuously believed in me and supported me through my whole journey at the studio and I know their love for me extends way beyond my time at the studio. In college I plan on pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Public Relations from Messiah University with a minor in dance. I hope to complete several internships while in college to help me get to my main goal of event/wedding planning after college. I’m super excited to keep dancing in college because it something I really love and I couldn’t imagine it not being part of life on a weekly basis. My time at the studio has taught me so much about myself, building self confidence, discipline, and being myself no matter what. I’m a bit sad to not be fully dancing at the studio this year but I’m so excited to come back and visit and see the changes and growth around the studio! 

Kaleigh Hart


Cameryn Kelly


Cameryn Kelly


What is Cam up to?

I recently became an alumni from Step One Dance Two, so not too much has changed so far. However, during my last trip with the performance companies to the Artists Simply Human Nationals in Orlando Florida, I was selected to be a part of their second season of ASH the company! Along with this, I recently started studying as a trainee through CLI studios where I will be mentored by some of the biggest names in the industry. As I head off to college to study dance at Point Park University, I continuously get more excited to see what opportunities the future will hold!

Maisie Daniels


Alexandra Heyn


Jessica Mortillaro


Jessi Mortillaro


What is Jessi up to?

Since I left Step 1 Dance 2 Academy I’ve continued my education in dance at Towson University. I primarily train in ballet, modern, and composition at school. I have been in multiple student choreographed pieces and have even staged a piece of my own at Towson’s 2018 Inertia showcase. As I leave school, I hope to have a diverse career in dance that includes, but not limited to, performing on stage in musicals, starting my own company and presenting choreography, and teaching classes to students of all levels.

Nikki Blades


Nikki Blades


What is Nikki up to?

I’m currently a Junior at Goucher College where I’m double majoring in dance and communications and media studies. While at Goucher, I have had the opportunity to perform in a number of student works as well as the Goucher Repertory Dance Ensemble’s Fall ‘18 and Spring ‘19 concerts. I had the honor for performing works by Tamara Thomas and Linda Garofalo. Since my first semester, I’ve been a member of the 1021 Hip Hop Team. With the team, I have performed across campus and at Monsters dance convention.

In my Sophomore year, I was chosen to join the Orchesis board, a student-run dance organization dedicated to spreading awareness of outside and on-campus dance events, as the board’s secretary. In the Fall, I will also be the group’s National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA) representative.

I’ve also choreographed for the team’s Spring showcase as well as presented work with my Composition II course. I’ve also work in the dance office as a student worker managing social media and marketing. Because of my job, I’ve been able to photograph for faculty and guest residencies. Lastly, I’ve been interning with ClancyWorks Dance Company for the past year with a focus in social media and marketing. Beginning in the Fall, I will also be a dance mentor for incoming first-years and transfer students.

This summer, I will be attending Bates Dance Festival on scholarship and in the Winter, I will be joining my classmates abroad as part of my graduation requirement in Ghana, Africa on scholarships from Goucher College and the Maryland Dance Education Association (MDEA). My goal after college is to pursue a professional dance career with an organization or company. Later, I would also like to use my knowledge in dance to work in arts administration and advocate for arts programming.

“Dream Like Cam!” Award

Our 2019 S1D2 graduate, Cameryn Kelly, will be returning each year at our showcase to honor and award a “present” S1D2 student a FULL year dance scholarship to help pursue their passion under the Cameryn Kelly Scholarship Fund, “Dream Like Cam!”  Someone who bestows kindness, passion, hard work, leadership, positivity, and the “go the distance” humble attitude. Congrats to our recent Cameryn Kelly Scholarship recipient Katelyn Jones.

Performance Videos

Jump Off

Jump Off” – Choreographed by Jessica Gallew & Ashley Lowman (Season 5)


SAFE” – Choreographed by Jessica Gallew & Ashley Lowman (Season 5)

Magic In Our Bones

Magic In Our Bones” – Choreographed by Emily Bufferd (Season 5)

Higher Ground

Higher Ground” – Choreographed by Zach Bergfelt (Season 5)

Under His Eye

Under His Eye” – Choreographed by Jessica Gallew & Ashley Lowman (Season 4)


Bruised” – Choreographed by Hayden Frederick (Season 4)

Never Say Never

Never Say Never” – Choreographed by Brianna Mercado (Season 4)

Swim Low

Swim Low” – Choreographed by Cat Cogliandro (Season 3)

Glorious” – Choreographed by Jessica Gallew & Ashley Lowman (Season 3)

Escape” – Choreographed by Trevor Sones (Season 3)

Undertow” – Choreographed by Michael Susten (Season 2)

Right Now” – Choreographed by Skooj CorE-O (Season 2)

Behind the Scenes” (Season 2)

Not Without Haste” – Choreographed by Ashley Lowman (Season 1)


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