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Paradigm Performance Company



Paradigm is S1D2’s non-competitive, non-profit mini performance company.  This is Paradigm’s 5th year under the artistic direction of Jessica Gallew and Ashley Lowman. S1D2 students devote their time to rehearse and perform within the community, in New York City, and at various dance conventions. Membership in Paradigm is by invitation only, with students undergoing auditions to join as members or apprentices. Additionally, S1D2 has a solo recreational traveling team, further enhancing the dance opportunities available.

Step 1 Dance 2 Academy’s amazingly talented performance company has won numerous awards such STUDIO OF THE WEEKEND, student scholarships, STUDIO SELECTION, and Standout Performances from Artist Simply Human (ASH), and awards from RADIX. Our dancers have also received individual scholarships and accolades from Revel Dance Convention, RADIX, and ASH.

We strive for these young dancers to understand, master, and be challenged through the art of dance in a nurturing and positive atmosphere. Our goal is for them to become young professional dancers and/or enjoy this passionate art form while performing within the company. We believe in finding ones inner fire and positively pushing those limits endlessly. We are a FAMILY!

Paradigm Company Events

Performance Videos


Choreographed by Cameryn Kelly


Choreographed by Jessica Gallew & Ashley Lowman (“JASH”)

Leave the Light On

Choreographed by Heather Liposky

Stole the Show

Choreographed by Cameryn Kelly


Choreographed by Jessica Gallew & Ashley Lowman (“JASH”)