“Inspire” Season 13 Showcase Info

Below is very important information regarding our upcoming showcase. Please read ALL information to prepare yourself and your child for the scheduled MANDATORY events.  You/your child are only required to attend the mandatory events that apply to your class(es). Make sure you know your child’s class(es) & level(s) and be sure to note the location of all events.

There are MANDATORY IN-STUDIO DRESS REHEARSALS held during regularly scheduled classes May 20-23 (Monday thru Thursday). There are NO CLASSES being held on May 27th or 28th. Check the flyer below for more information.

There are also 2 MANDATORY THEATER TECH REHEARSALS scheduled for May 29th & 30th (Wednesday & Thursday). Check information below for the location, times, and to see WHICH DAY(S) YOU/YOUR CHILD NEED TO ATTEND. ONLY attend the Tech Rehearsal day(s) that include your/your child’s classes.

There are 3 MANDATORY SHOWCASE PERFORMANCES scheduled for May 31st, June 1st & June 2nd (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). Check the information below for location, call times, showtimes, as well as to see WHICH DAY(S) YOU/YOUR CHILD PERFORM. If you and your child ARE NOT in any classes that perform on one or more of these days, you ARE NOT required to attend or purchase any tickets for that day, but it is optional, and you are welcome to purchase tickets to come and watch the showcase.


Showcase Ticket Purchase Link (the ability to purchase tickets will be opened on April 8th at 12am)


– Only studio families will be able to purchase tickets up until April 28th. On April 29th, all remaining tickets will become available for purchase by the general public on a first come, first served basis.