Savannah Spedden

Savannah is born and raised on the Eastern Shore. She has been dancing since she was a toddler, taking ballet, jazz and tap classes through parks and recreation. At the age of ten, she found Step 1 Dance 2 Academy, and instantly fell in love with the environment. Her enrollment began with a single hip hop class, but soon grew to include ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, pointe and partnering. In her rapid growth from one class to many, Savannah was honored to be a part of the first year of parallel performance company, where she expanded her performance horizons to include shows in New York City and New Jersey. With her teammates she received a scholarship to attend Broadway Dance Center’s four day Intensive, to come and train with various reputable artists. Savannah was introduced to the protégé team her third year of dancing with S1D2. She had the opportunity to assist with dances youngest enthusiasts, the Little Movers and Pre-Dance classes. It was through this opportunity that Savannah found her passion for teaching and enthusiasm for sharing her love of dance. In 2017 she was offered the opportunity to teacher train these classes,  and since then has grown to become an instructor. She is very excited about this opportunity, and hopes to inspire all of her students in some way or another. Pending her graduation in June 2018, Savannah will continue her education at Chesapeake College, and then Virginia Tech to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Through her ambitious college endeavors, she hopes to always keep dancing somewhere; but Savannah knows that regardless of where she is, or what she is doing, she will always carry the disciplines and lessons that dancing has taught her.